Offering high-quality solutions every day in order to realise HR objectives. That is our core.That is what we live for. That is HR-Technologies. Commercial, industrial, social or public sector? No problem. Small-scale or big-scale? Be our guest. End-to- end, full-service and state-of- the-art? Standard.

Three solutions. One partner.

15 employees, active in 2 competence centres, with a focus on talent acquisition & talent management. 15 motivated heroes, with 1,290 billion brain cells, that is know-how. A lot of know-how. All bundled in unique software. By collaborating with technology & business partners, we ensure that we are always able to offer you the newest and the best there is.

High-end systems for recruitment, training or performance. Stable. Automated. Reliable. Designed with, by and for our customers and based on a unique recipe. Always seasoned with updates, upgrades and improvements.

Software development, consultancy, implementation, project management, customer support, training, sales & marketing. That is really our cup of tea. And that is what makes us so strong. Don’t you agree?

You focus on your company. We focus on the result.

More than 100 customers – that’s not something you get just like that. It is something you need to invest in. With knowledge, power and know-how. It is precisely that know-how that we convert into software in order to get results. Real results. 

By the way, our software is ‘software as a service’ (abbreviated: SaaS). It means that we take care of the hosting, availability, security and maintenance. Again: multiple solutions. One partner. Easy for us, easy for you. It releases the pressure from your own IT department. We got your back.

Already convinced? Of course. Request a free demo and test it yourself.

The chances of us disappointing you are zero. Speak soon?

You are in the centre. Nobody else.

Every company wants to turn customer service into a priority. However, not a lot of them actually go through with it. But we do. Every day. Specify, configure and extend – those are the keywords. Accurately and closely collaborating is crucial. It allows us to follow up on everything from up close and to jump in where necessary. Perfectly aligning every part to your wishes. That is what we stand for ... and back up.